this guide will teach you how to make a permanent backup of your bitcoin seed phrase

things you’ll need to get started:

the plate uses a grid system, where each word of your seed phrase will correspond to one of the numbered, four column wide sections of the grid

instructions graphic 1

you only need to make indentations for the first four letters of each word, as the BIP39 specification guarantees no other word in the word list will have the same first four letters

instructions graphic 2

if a word only has three letters, like ADD, you only need to make three indentations - leave the fourth column empty

instructions graphic 3

to make an indentation:

  1. place your straight edge along the bottom of the letter you want to indent
  2. find the appropriate column
  3. line your center punch tool up in the grid square where the row and column intersect, and press down firmly until the spring mechanism releases, creating a forceful impact that leaves an indentation
instructions graphic 4

you’ll repeat this process for the first four letters of each word in your seed phrase

good luck

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